Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throwback Thursday for May with Creative Team members Karen, Carol, and Sherry

Hi Carol Baxter here curating our Throwback Thursday for May! We love pulling stencils our of our stash that have been a tiny bit overlooked and making new projects.

Karen Gaunt, Sherry Canino, and I are pleased to share our poetic collage paper, 3 silly cards and lime and pink art journaling spread and we hope you'll be inspired to grab a stencil and make some art of your own. (Sherry even made a video tutorial for you!)

Karen's Poetic Bird

Karen writes: "I'm knee deep in the 100 Days Project right now and I am trying to keep things as simple as possible when I am making them. 

"The graphic and bold nature of the Perched Bird Stencil S228 by Kimberly Baxter Packwood meant this stencil was a perfect focal point for this piece.

6"x6" stencil
"I stenciled the bird in black and added some over the collage background for my poem. viola! The perfect piece for today's project."

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Whimsical Willows Cards by Carol

I've been meaning for a while to use the Budding Branches Stencil S249 by Cecilia Swatton as a base to add baby animals.

6"x6" stencil
I was imagining the buds as rabbits or kittens (think "pussy willows"), as I would only need to stencil the willows in one color, paint the buds in a contrasting color, and then for the hard part, draw in details such as ears, noses, and whiskers.

Of course I needed a momma bunny on my card ...

6"x6" stencil
and step-momma-bunny for my kittens (where has my Cats stencil wandered?) ...

The third card was inspired by a video of a baby porcupine nibbling on a banana. I was utterly charmed by the size of the little critter's nose! 

(I maintain these are baby porcupines because of the size of their noses. If it they were baby hedgehogs they would have small pointed noses.)

Does one send a porcupine card to turn a "frienemy" into a friend? Art shared equals love, right?!

I think I will make yellow porcupines on brown cards next!

Sherry's Collaged Art Journal Spread

Mini Star by Mary Beth Shaw and Farmer's Market by Daniella Woolf Stencils

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Variety of New Stencils Designed by Jessica Sporn!

serious and heartfelt sentiments 
wild creatures and man's best friend
gently falling leaves plus a stencil of faith

Stencil Girl is pleased to offer new stencils designed by Jessica Sporn.

The empowered women and symbols in Jessica's Women Will Heal the World stencil are all about social justice and sisterhood.

What wonderful post cards to find in your mailbox:


S468 Love is for Everyone Script
Inspire your art with the words of Jessica’s Love is for Everyone Script stencil. 

S467 See the Divine in Everything
Feeling blue or know someone who is? You can use the sentiment of Jessica’s See the Divine in Everything stencil to make art and help hasten brighter days.

Jessica's Hanukkah Stencil features the Star of David in several artistic styles, both mosaic and unadorned Menorahs, a separate set of patterned candles, the words Happy Hanukkah and LIVE FREE, a dove, eternal flames, and several dreidels for play.

L523 Hanukkah
Now for stencils of a less serious nature ...

Fetch Jessica's Dog Stencil with Masks into your home and you’ll be able to showcase man’s best friend in your own crafty fashion. 

Nimby is diggin' her new treat jar! 
L525 Dog Stencil & Masks

4 stylized dog silhouettes (masks) are included: a Poodle, a Dachshund, a Beagle, a German Shepherd, and a Labrador. Stylized dogs in the stencil: one Terrier/Schnauzer standing and one running, a Bull Terrier, a Labrador, an English Bull Dog, and a dog sitting with its paw raised. There are 3 dog faces, a bowl of food, an award cup, bones, paw prints, dog toys, and the words love, home is where my dog is, best, good boy girl, sit, come, stay, and down.

L524 Born to Be Wild Animals
Run wild and free on the savanna of your art journal with Jessica's elephant, lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, antelope, and a kangaroo that hopped into the mix! 

There are many different kinds of veined leaves within this stencil if you wished to mask off a particular type. It is shown below paired with Women Will Heal the World.

L522 Fallen Leaves

You can find out more about Jessica on her website and obtain all of Jessica's stencils HERE

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Altered Address File Cards by Belen Sotelo

Hi everyone. Belen Sotelo here, with my very first CreativeTeam Tuesday post for StencilGirl. I'm excited to be here and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my love of mixed media and stencils with you. 

I find that having bits of my art out on display in my studio helps keeps my creative energy flowing and reminds me of techniques I've tried or colors I've enjoyed combining. Since much of my art is tucked away in art journals, I wanted to find way to make this possible. Altered address file cards, that I could keep out on my desk,  seemed the perfect solution.

Today I'll share how I used some of my favorite StencilGirl Stencils and art supplies to create a few mixed media cards to add to my file card tray.

I used a mixture of acrylic sprays and heavy body paints, painty papers, cardstock, a brayer and 4x4 stencils. I love the size of these stencils, they're great for working on smaller projects! These are the supplies that were out and within arms reach, but you can use whatever you have handy.

Give your cards a quick shmear of gesso. Here I used white as well as clear.

Once the gesso is dry, it's time to add a few layers of color. I used acrylic sprays and just gave each card a few layers. To vary the texture, some layers I rolled on with a brayer and others I pounced off with a dry paper towel. This isn't meant to be perfect or neat, it's just to add a base layer that we can build on.

Once you have some color on your file cards, let it dry a bit. I gave mine a quick shot with the heat gun.

And now it's time to stencil. This is my fave part! Dab paint through your stencils to add more layers and create texture. Here I used:

I also used the stencils from the May 2017 Woman of Mystery StencilClub subscription. These were designed by by Pam Carriker. I enjoy mixing and matching stencils. You can layer them, flip them, and spin them to get some cool effects.

I used some card stock and painty papers to cut wonky circles to my file cards using gel medium. For this card I used 2 additional stencils:

Now for some mark making. I used a variety or pens and markers for this. You can add as many or as few marks as you'd like.

I sometimes like to add text to my file cards. You can stencil them on or use stickers, like these here from Tim Holtz.

Now that my altered cards were done, all that was left to do was to add them to my card tray and enjoy them!

Thank you for allowing me to share this project with you. I wish you a beautiful week full of color.
Happy Stenciling!